Sprout from over 60 years experience in the film industry and distribution sector, Nexo Digital is a pioneer and market leader in the global distribution of high definition EVENT CINEMA. From concerts to art exhibitions, from documentaries to theatre shows, Nexo Digital is committed to distributing quality events of cultural and social value and promoting a new way of living the cinema experience.
Since its inception, Nexo Digital’s mission has been to distribute worldwide quality events that redifine the audience’s perception of the cinema experience, The Global Cinema Distribution department was created to achieve this goal, and has quickly become a global market leader in the distribution of national and international film events.
We are the first Italian marketer and distributor of event cinema. Divided in different labels (Nexo Legend, Nexo Art, Nexo Anime and so on… a list of the titles we released include: Amy; Roger Waters: The Wall; Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day; Red Hot Chili Peppers Live: I’m With You; Leonardo Live; George Harrison by Martin Scorsese; Cirque du Soleil 3D produced by James Cameron; Bolshoi Ballet of Moscow; The National Theatre; the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour and A Hard Day’s Night; Muse; Justin Bieber: Believe; Hannah Arendt by Margarethe Von Trotta; One Direction: Where we are; Spandau Ballet – Soul Boys of the Western World; Nick Cave 20,000 Days On Earth; David Bowie Is, and many more…
Thanks to our expertise, on several occasions the Italian box office results for these titles exceeded those of other countries, and scored record-breaking admissions. To date, thanks to a nationwide, innovative communication strategy (tailor-made for each individual project and enriched with nationwide support events as well as prestigious collaborations with media, institutions, universities and companies) thousands upon thousands of Italian spectators have seen events distributed by Nexo Digital.
Nexo Digital Italy
In 2014, as part of Nexo Digital’s ever-expanding business in the event cinema distribution, Nexo Digital offered its International partners a slate of unique products worldwide, such as: the Canonisation Ceremony of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, live in 3D from St Peter’s Square, Rome, broadcasted in cinema theatres in over 20 different countries; the 50th anniversary re-release of A Hard Day’s Night, restored in 4K and re-mastered at the Abbey Road Studios;
and The Vatican Museums 3D, which turned out to be the most viewed art documentary in theaters worldwide in the history of cinema, with over 200.000 viewers in more than 50 countries.
In 2015 Nexo Digital is expanding into a 360° global media group, getting involved in international co-productions and representing worldwide top-notch products for all rights. Among our upcoming titles: Florence and the Uffizi Gallery 3D/4K; Teatro alla Scala: The Temple of Wonders; Leonardo da Vinci: The Genius in Milan; and St. Peter’s and the Papal Basilicas of Rome 3D.


The Production & Co-Production department is responsible for researching content to be produced or co-produced for distribution and exploitation worldwide across all platforms. Since the very beginning, Nexo Digital proved its ability to create, design, plan and subsequently produce “ad hoc” events and quality docu-films to cater the most different audience, adopting a correct approach to cost budgeting and proper resource management. Among our successful original productions and formats: Ligabue Day, Patty’s Party at the Cinema (the first example in the world of a children’s film set up as an event release with live interaction with the audience),
as well as the events dedicated to Italian singer Renato Zero, and F.C. Internazionale soccer player Javier Zanetti (Zanetti Story). One of Nexo Digital’s original format is Masterclass Live which each time includes introductory masterclasses by special guests of honour prior to the film viewing. Our latest co-production Florence and the Uffizi Gallery 3D/4K set a box office record at the cinema in Italy, drawing over 65,000 admissions and grossing 600,000 euros in only 3 days, even beating James Bond’s latest installment “Spectre” on a per-screen average.


This department is responsible first and foremost for international sales and marketing in order to exploits the rights of our products in all territories and for all windows (Theatrical, Video, TV, Ancillary and Digital Rights). Nexo Digital’s catalogue include titles from the leading producers and licensors of event cinema contents, who appreciate our dedicated editorial approach as well as our consistently transparent and timely reporting system . Over the years, Nexo Digital has built strong relationships based on trust with all major media platforms internationally, communicating
with them on a regular basis and constantly introducing new state-of-the-art contents at the main film festivals, markets and tradeshows. The primary objective of the Global Rights Management team is to enhance the intellectual and cultural heritage of Italian artists and content in Italy and around the world. For this reason, we carefully select and pick up only top-notch quality contents. Our goal is to enhance the value of Nexo Digital rights and those of other rights-owners in Italy and worldwide, and we market each content with a high-profile, editorial approach.


This is the department that manages the programming in cinema theaters and select places of culture. Its responsibilities are:
– weekly events planning
– programme planning based on specific target audiences
– organizing Festivals, discussion and Q &A preview screenings, talk shows, new album presentations
- devising themed matinee screenings and group screenings
– organizing themed programmes for schools as part of the Nexo Educational edutainment project
– planning exhibitions inspired by the cinema
– creating possible bundles or cinema ticket combo deals with other products / dvds / gadgets


The 4K revolution is here. Delivering four times more detail than ordinary HD, our contents are being shot, distributed and projected in 4K, the new professional production and cinema standard. Your events like never seen before.





Awards & Conferences

Awards & Conferences




A code of conduct is the first, most essential value any company, as well as any person, should have. Right from the very start, the Nexo Digital Media Group built a solid corporate reputation, an intangible resource fundamental to the development of any company, and to date we are recognized nationally and internationally for the seriousness and fairness we place at the heart of our day-today activities.
Earning and maintaining the trust and respect of the people and the companies we work with constitutes the main prerequisite for corporate governance, because it guarantees complete serenity and total reliability to those who collaborate with us. It benefits all the parties involved and acknowledges full and total respect for each individual role.
For these same reasons, in internal and external relationships the Nexo Digital Media Group shall always expect third parties to adopt a similar code of conduct in return.
The general principles that guide the conduct of Nexo Digital are as follows :

1. Complete impartiality in decision-making and evaluation criteria, avoiding any kind of discrimination whatsoever.
2. Honesty and transparency in the daily performance of professional duties. In no case shall the pursuit of Nexo Digital Media Group’s interests justify improper conduct or non-transparent dealings or the omission of data and information.
3. Confidentiality is guaranteed to all companies and individuals we work with.
4. Care in the selection of our suppliers based on ethical and moral credentials.
5. Respect and protection of the environment through a careful choice of products and services involving, where possible, a reduction in pollution.
6. Fairness and equity in managing and negotiating contracts and due care and diligence in fulfilling tasks.
7. Respect of the principles of free and fair competition.
8. Risk monitoring and management through corporate governance aimed at promoting and maintaining adequate internal auditing systems, using all suitable tools to address, manage and verify business activities, ensuring compliance with legislation and procedures.
9. Commitment to promoting research and innovation in the enhancement of human capital.
10. Enhancing Italian excellence, and promoting its artistic and cultural heritage in the world.

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